DevSpace Technical Conference 



North Alabama's Premier
Polyglot Technology Conference

October 23rd & 24th, 2023
Von Braun Center

700 Monroe Street
Huntsville, AL 35801

Schedule is LIVE

Our full schedule is live. You can view our list of sessions and stream times on the Sessions Page.

What is DevSpace

DevSpace is an annual developer’s conference that takes place in Huntsville, Alabama. Fueled by extensive space and missile research and a vibrant, emerging start-up culture, Huntsville is a market poised and ready to burst onto the national stage.

Technological interests run the gamut of every language. As such, DevSpace aims to cater to this entire atmosphere. DevSpace wants to offer talks on a variety of languages, offering attendees the ability to improve their skills within their daily technology of choice and the ability to become familiar with new technologies. Combine this with non-technical talks on inter-personal skills and processes, DevSpace will provide an outstanding value to the attendees.

Keynote Announcement

We are extremely please to announce that our keynote this year will be delivered by Karen Todd. Karen, the host of Karen Tests Stuff on YouTube, will be delivering "ADHD and Me: How neurodivergence serves my testing." Let me tell you, if you think this is a testing talk, then think again. Chris had the opertunity to see this talk, and he was completely blown away. We couldn't be happier to bring Karen to DevSpace!

Second Keynote Announcement

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have picked up a second keynote this year. Katelyn Bowden (medus4) and Christien Rioux (dildog,) will be delivering "Destroy Data Capitalism for funsies with Veilid, a distributed app framework built by the Cult of the Dead Cow." Privacy is extremely important to everyone, and this talk will emphasize why and how you can help. We are thrilled to bring Katelyn and Christien to DevSpace!

Room Block Available

Our room block at the Embassy Suites is open to all. Head to the the travel page to get the link.

Call for Sponsors

Our call for sponsors is officially open. Head to the the sponsors page to get all the juicy details.

Call for Speakers

Our call for speakers is officially open. Head to the the speakers page to get all the juicy details.

Ticket Prices

The ticket pricing structure will be as follows:

Super Early Bird Tickets $150 Available until July 10th
Early Bird Tickets $200 Available until August 15th
Standard Tickets $250 Available until October 2nd
Late Tickets $300 Available until October 24th