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Call For Speakers Coming Soon

We are currently preparing for our 2021 conferences. The Call for Speakers should open soon. And, I mean, VERY soon. Like, hoping in the next few days soon. You get the idea.

Call For Speakers Now Closed

Our call for speakers is now closed. I would like to thank the community for the wonder response we received. If all goes well, we hope to have the sessions selected in time to notify speakers by the 2nd of July. If that goes as planned, we will announce the full session line-up on the site on July 8th. Either way, we'll keep this page updated with the timing of everything.

Update to 2021 Call For Speakers

As we mentioned on the home page, we are in the process of transistioning the event to a virtual event. As such, the following information supercedes any of the information in the standand information. We are still accepting submissions, but the quantity that will be accepted has severely dropped. We will be looking for a large variety of sessions over focusing on a specific topic or technology.

1: The number of sessions we will be accepting is dropping to closer to 14.
2: Speakers will be limited to 1 session.
3: We will likely only pick one talk on a specific topic or technology per day.
4: Sessions are first come-first serve. The Call for speakers will close once all slots are filled.

Call For Speakers Now Open

We are pleased to announce our call for speakers for DevSpace 2021. Please take a moment to read over this before you submit your masterpieces.

What we are looking for

If we were normal, this would be a paragraph about what we're looking for. However, we'ren't normal like that. This is what I will tell you.

Depending on the number of sessions, we'll accept somewhere between 55 and 64 sessions. The wobble has to do with the number of 30 minute sessions submitted.

When you submit a session, there are two required fields. The first is a drop-down box that will force you to pick between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This is how we define that:

Beginner: No prior knowledge of the main topic is required.
Intermediate: Working knowledge of the main topic is recommended.
Advanced: Deep knowledge of the main topic is required.

After you pick your level, you must pick a category. Please pick the closest category to what your talk will entail. We reserve the right to change the category as necessary. If your talk REALLY doesn't fit into the supplied categories, just pick something and then leave us a message in the notes.

After you pick your category, you can add as many or as few tags as you like. More tags are good for attendees. You should probably aim for about 3.

How sessions are selected

We have some golden rules for selecting and scheduling our talks. The first 3 have to do with selection. The final two deal with scheduling.

1: Two talks on the same general topic cannot happen at the same time.
2: No single general category, except Non-Technical, will be available in every session block.
3: No speaker shall present more than 2 talks.
4: No speaker will speak more than once on a single day unless the speaker requests to do so.
5: No talk on the same category (including non-technical talks) will be in the same room for consecutive sessions.

When will we hear back from you?

If all goes well, The call for speakers will close at 11:55PM Central on the 21st of July. We will select the sessions and notify speakers by the 28th of July. We will announce the full session line-up on the site on the 1st of August.

What do we give you

This is always a touchy subject. You will always get a full ticket to the conference. Unfortunately, that's all I can promise.

I'm going to be honest here. We've never ended a year in the black. I'm still paying for last year. However, I will say this, giving back to speakers is the FIRST thing we'll do once we clear expenses.

Having said that, if you need some sort of assistance, please reach out to us. We'll do everything we can to help. If you feel you can't submit because we can't promise full T&E, we completely understand.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to use at

Let's do this

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